Thursday, March 08, 2012

nayli now fully formula milk


alhamdullillah.. my girl nayli now are fully formula milk.. no more "susu cap gantong" yeay.. applause to nayli n applause to mama also.. 

so far i managed to bf both girls till they nearly touch 2 years old.. amani bf for 18 mths while nayli bf for 23 mths alhamdullillah

well for amani is really more easier than nyli.. wat can i say.. amani really can accept that by 18 mths she really have to drink from a bottle n no more chap gantung.. first week she really cranky but stil me, as a mother can control her..

NOT for nayli.. really really hard to make her get used to the bottle.. first day was very tough challenge.. as usual after she having lunch.. automatically she will come to me n chap gantong started for 10 to 15 mins.. on tht particular day.. she fully loaded her crankiness.. she really show off her tantrum.. if i hv to face her alone.. confirm with double confirm.. i'l surrender.. this is not the first time i tried to change her from bf to fm.. 

falsh back.. two time before.. where the first time i try to switching to formula milk when she was 18 mths.. FAILED n me.. REDHA memberikan chap gantong to nayli.. sbb x sanggup tgk nyli berkesedihan.. at tht time aku pon nanes jugak.. (mama yg gembeng)

second time when she was 20 mths.. mission FAILED again.. sebab malam malam nayli dh mcm new born baby nak tidur cari something that can soothe her.. terpedaya juga mama.. sebab kasihan kan nyli.. 

well for the third time i was really motivate enough after i saw my neice aisy adawiyah wasnt bf anymore by the age of 14 mths.. n the mummy,  fetty  was veryy happy since she said.. she can get a very gud time dose off at night.. 

since nyli turn to 18 mths.. she definitely will wake up once every hour.. n me hv to b beside her every night to give milk supply every one hour.. fuhhh really exausted by morning.. that reason is enough for me to stop her from bf..

continue agaian.. now.. at the point of time nayli mintak chap gantong masa first day hari tu.. hubby balik lunch.. so wif his veto power.. they (nyli n her papa) hv a conversation.. but still she show off her tantrum dengan nangis2 dan baring2 kat lantai.. hubby told her few times cuddling her.. but the situation stil the same.. aku yg melihat dh nak berair mata.. at last hubby suruh aku dok dlm bilik.. from my room i heard she shouting.. "mama.. mama... mimick" (mimick aka chap gantong).. mmg dh banjir dh aku.. then hubby ask her to stand at the corner sambil nangis nangis.. at last she surrender.. dlm nangis nangis tu dia tertidur.. sayu aku tgk..T_T

mlm pon sama stil hubby yg settle kan.. n now dah  almost 10 hari.. alhamdullillah no more bf.. kalau aku tanya pon dia akan kata "NO".. 

but now she hv 2 new habbits for drinking milk.. nnt kalau sempat saya update wif pic..

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Mrs Joe said...


fiuhhh...cmne la dgn kita ehk nanti...hanna still fully bf... sampai skrg i still pump kat office...during night lagilaaa...xnak lps...kalau xbau mama...pengsan la dia menangis nak 'nen'.... quit challenging utk hanna...since dia mmg susah minum guna botol susu....aishhh...pening mama dgn keletah hanna....

risau la kita kak ecah....