Monday, March 05, 2012

my gals down wif hfmd


ayoo fuhhh fuhhh.. ok i'm ready to vacumm all the dust on my blog.. haha.. the very gud reason is BZ like a buzz..

after moving here.. a lot of thing hv to b done esp for my lil gals.. amani wif her nursery class.. nayli as usual wif me at home tho i have planned to put her in playgroup class soon.. phewww..

my routine start after solat subuh tilll at nite 11pm.. all hse chores hv to been done in a day.. plus preparing the dishes for every meals n laundry.. pheww penat ok! rasanya if u become a housewife.. 24 hrs is not enough for u.. apatah lagi kalau mereka mereka yg bkerja pastu balik buat kerja rumah lg.. kalau bole nak ta,bah konpem nak tambah masa sehari 30 jam ke.. (sukati aku je.. bersyukur la dgn nikmat tuhan.. kalo 30 jam sehari mampos.. asyik keja je la manusia ni..)

ok.. well the main stories yg nak di kepohkan adalah kisah anak anak aku yg diserang hfmd.. ayoooooo terperanjat mak.. tetiba anak anak i diserang virus HFMD.. mungkin infected frm amani's sch.. n amani.. bring the virus to our home.. so si adik pon terkena lampiasan virus hfmd.. alhamdullillah derang x demam..

actually they caught in fever on wednesday then on thusday nite.. alhamdullillah their temperature going to normal.. both 36.6.. but then the next day i noticed that they hv rashes on their arm.. i juz monitor the condition then at late afternoon i can see few red dotted on their leg.. i tot that was an implication frm takig the medication.. cause one of the medicine stated "stop medication if rashes appears" so i dun take it serously.. n never ever tot about hfmd.. 

hen on saturday i managed to went jb wif all my gals.. n had a very nice gossiping session wif both my sisters.. mum n my bro.. biasala kalau dh jumpa mcm mcm story keluar.. after i went back spore tht night.. i noticed more rashes appear on amani's leg.. esp at the foot.. astargfirullah.. masa tu dah terdetik.. hfmd kah ini? juz told hubby kena jumpa mr doc tomorow morning..

nxt morning.. we went to see doc n confirm both gal.. infected wif tht virus.. astargfirullah.. but the doc said.. no need to worry cause al the rashes dry out.. aka healing process.. then we r advice to quarantine them at home wif 5 days of mc.. another thing yg lagi merisaukan aku adalah anak sedara aku aisy adawiyah.. since a day bfore my gals play wif her.. takot pulak virus ni jangkit kat dia.. sepantas kilat i told my sister to monitor her dotter..

i dunno how serious is HFMD.. but kalau dah virus tu.. but i heard some cases really dangerous esp to the babies below 2 yr old.. juz hope they get well soon insyaAllah..

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