Thursday, March 08, 2012

she is graduated from doc jabs very soon.. insyaAllah


tutup kesah maid sengal.. baik aku cerita pasal anak anak aku lg best..

ok.. insyaAllah nxt week nywill hv her final jabs before she's going to primary sch.. the jabs is 5 in 1 plus another jabs for pneumococal.. that means she wil hv 2 jabs where hv 6 doses in it.. wow wow wow..

kira she will graduate from jabs lah ni.. alhamdullillah.. cuma hv to take xtra care for her.. normally my child kalau kena jabs x demam.. but this time i wouldnt know.. dulu time amani demam for 1 day.. alhamdullillah..

hai.. kalau demam kna quarantine lagi la anak mama.. seminggu ni pon dh terasa lama..

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