Friday, March 09, 2012

GRACO playard FOR SALE!!

salams to all readers

well today entry regarding my munchkins playrad where i 've kept inside my store room for few months.. since both munchkins are not using it.. so i wanna sell this playard 

Brand : Graco
Dimension : 38" x 38"
Condition : I can say it is still excellent..(please view the pic below)
Price : $95

 easy for storage juz fold up..
 handle for carry the playyard
 internal part very soft with a quilt.. soft toy on each of the mesh side : a caterpillar, a bug, a butterfly and a snake mirror ! These are very cute toys that will stimulate your baby’s mind and body. 

 suitable for 0-3 years old..
anyone interested.. F.O.C the balls..

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