Friday, March 16, 2012

funniest thing happen this morning

wat happen this morning..

situation 1

i was bz at kitchen preparing lunch.. then i heard both gals talking.. few mins later..

amani : mama.. try to find us.. ready or not..
nyli: mama.. sye sye.. pissss (please)
amani : mama.. we involving u in our hide n seek..

after that i heard amani say..

amani : ala... adik.. mama dun want to play.. mama ni x best lah.. adik u replace mama u must find me ok..

mama dah ler super bz kat kitchen menyempat nak involve mama pulak..

situation 2

i'm stil at the kitchen.. suddenly amani n nyli come to me.. where nayli holding a hand towel n amani put on the stetoscope (gak nya main dokter dokter)
amani : ok adik.. u jab mama.
adik pon dengan rela menurut apa yg si kakak kata.
amani : ok mama i check ur temperature eh.. ohhh mama u sick.. now please lie down.. i have to give u one more jab n after that u must sleep ok.. i will put cool fever on ur forehead..

serentak dengan itu mereka menarik tgn saya.. alahai.. sapa nak masak kalau mama tidur..

i find it sooo cute.. if i really make my decision to put them in childcare very soon.. i know.. i'l miss all this thing.. ohh baby mama really luv both of u.. 

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