Friday, June 17, 2011

Their temp 39°c


Both of my girls having slightly high fever.. Nayli was the first one who had fever whch is yesterday.. Due to MMR (measle mumps rubella) jabs..

early ths morning (arround 2am) while i bz monitoring nayli, i saw her sister restless.. try to adjust het shirt suddenly i feel the heat from her body.. Ya Allah.. She also in fever.. Amani temp = 39.4°c while nayli temp = 39.2°c..

At the moment i juz put the wet towel on their head n ask hubby to look after amani while me keeping an eye for nayli.. Juz hope the temp cn b reduce..

After an hour their body temp didnt goes down stil at 39°c reading.. Astargfirullah.. On the spot i gave both of them the panadol syrup.. After solat subuh hb n me still worriied coz their temp stil in fever condition tho both of them fall asleep..

We went to our neighbourhood clinic.. n the doc gave few medicine.. Tho they r on medication stil the condition didnt looks well.. i juz took their temp.. Both in 38°c.. Hopefully by ths evening they feel better insyaAllah..
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Bb Hussain said...

ala..ciannyer..hope they'll get well soon..