Wednesday, June 15, 2011

splashing at ssc..


it was backdated entry actually.. tapi tak per la kan since munchkin really lenyak tidur.. so mama ada masa nak catchup the blog masukkan few entry yg tergendala..

well, we manage to bring munchkins to fave playground where they can play wet n dry playground.. it was fun since less crowd over there.. (due to the lack of fun shops inside the shopping center - may b).. amani had fun tho she is not water friendly.. n nyli really enjoy the park.. she love the wet park the most..

the best of ths park where its free for kiddo.. mesti 12 tahun kebawah sahaja dibenarkan bermain in ths park.. but my hubby larung je.. since he's the one who have to accompany my kiddo so dia pon basah la jugak.. 
 amani before wet
 amani wif water shooter
 sliding from wet to dry park
 nyli after wet..
 kiddo with the guardian yg basah jugak
mama tumpang take pic wif nyli..


Bb Hussain said...

best nyer main2..

Anonymous said...

nayli sgt bambam la k.ecah....nmpk garang tau muka die...hehehe...