Friday, June 10, 2011

I had enough n i'm tired!

I never gv 100% trust to anybody cause i know nobody cn b trusted,

I never gv up 2 try my best 2 liased with a companion spirit wif them tho always been ignored,

I try to respect them as the person i should respect but they repay my respect wif irritating statement,

I try to add myself in all kind situation, ups n downs, pray the best for u but u never appriciate it n u looked down on me,

I put my patience in considerate, try to give n take in all kind of situations but it is nothing to u,

All the best i gave to u.. But nvr been appriciated! I'm tired! So now it's time for me to draw a line between us..

U wont see me as the same person u know.. appologized me.. if i ignored u, gap myself n kiddo from u, xpressless when u try to say something gud bout me nor my kids, or other thng tht i couldnt xplain here, cause i had enough theese few yrs.. My patience, consideration n respect, is up to limit!
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