Thursday, March 31, 2011

A week b4 she turn to 1


Juz look at above pic thn u can say my baby is super duper active ths few days.. Btw, tht was the 1st time she wearing skirt.. InsyaAllah mama have 2 buy more skirt n dress for u instead of romper.. N yet she always luv to try new thg especially when she saw amani did something..

she is now can say few words..
1) mama
2) mamam (whenever she saw foodies)
3) papa
4) tata (kakak)
5) keh (cat)
6) ambob (spongebob)

Hahaha.. Ambob is the new words where I realise few days b4, where she watch tv n spongebob appear on advertisemnt.. Suddenly she say "ambob"..

On the top of tht she also like to use her cutey pointer finger n whenevr hb, sil or me carrying her she will point to the place she wanted to go.. Well her fave place is..
1) main door - wanna go outside
2) toilet - luv 2 play water
3) kitchen - luv to open n close all the drawer n cabinet..
4) switch or plug point

Well, it was really exausted to look after 2 babies.. but on the other hand it was fun to see her changes everyday.. Tht makes me really being blessed by Allah swt for His priceless gift..
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Bb Hussain said...

org kata selalunya second child ni adventerous skit..betul ker?hehe

pija vanilla said...

for second photo, nayli says " what mima n papa gv me as birthday present this year?? pink bicycle or pink dress or new laptop like kakak one.." hahaha dia mcm tengah wondering.... kan??