Wednesday, March 09, 2011

this and that


quite long i didnt blog wif my lappie.. now i'm back.. actually i was bz handling something which is some office work.. so using phone is the easiest way for me to key in the new entry.. and today, i'm thru lappie post ths entry where it was few weeks pic..

the above pic taken b4 we(hb, my kiddo n me) went to my sister place in jb.. it was sunday morning.. i was xcited to snap the pic both of them 2gether since ths was the 1st attire ever for them in purple.. so thats it..

while nyli now is 11 mths old few days more.. where she turn to 1.. yeay.. alhamdullillah.. she's growing well.. now, she bz learn to balance herself n always bz climb here n there each corner of hse.. n yet she noe where xcatly to place the phone.. either it was a remote control, a toy phone or my phone, she definetly take the thing n place to her ear while her mouth babbling "yeh yeh neh neh neh" i find it sooo cute..


Bb Hussain said...

hehe..comel kan tengok keletah budak2..aku tgk my niece pun dah geram n miss kan kau tgk anak sendiri..hehe

sarasofia said...

bb: budak2 ni keletah diorang sentiasa chumel.. haaaa.. bibi.. cepat2 eh.. aku tringin nak makan nasik minyak ker.. nasik beriyani ko.. insyaAllah.. amin..

lemongrass said...

They are so cute in purple :-). Dah besar Nayli ye, it seems so fast dia nak setahun dah. Nayli nya betis mcm michelin man, berketak2 gitu, hehehe

sarasofia said...

lg: dh nak setahun pon dia.. mmg pon masuk u ni dah 4 org kata betis dia mcm michelin man.. ketak ketak.. alahai jgn2 dia ikut mama dia yg memang membesar di betis..