Wednesday, March 30, 2011

quick update: Amani on weekdays sch..


quite long didnt catch the blog cause yet i'm so bz dealing wif my princesses.. even my schedule also change due to amani school schedule..

arroud 6 mth we sent her to weekend class which is accompany by me.. and it is an hour class from 10 - 11am every saturday..

after went to a few sch for nurseri 1.. n ask few parents.. so we decided to put amani on the same sch but in weekdays class.. alahhh.. weekdays class pon from 11am to 1pm je.. 2 hrs.. where i'm not gonna beside her with tht particular hrs..

1st day on monday, alhamdullillah.. she is fine.. tho waving with tears.. suprisingly.. air mata berderu deru keluar but suara tangisan tak dengar langsung.. teacher ask her to sing she sing but her eyes searching for me.. the teacher ask me to wait inside.. but i say.. if i stay inside class.. she will ask me to do so for the next day n so on.. so i think better let her mingle herself inside class..

then after few mins.. i saw her xcited wif the books n story session.. i can see (from outside) she respond to the teacher..alhamdullillah..

when the times up.. i saw she was sooo xcited to see me outside.. n while she queue up inside class.. i was bz handling nayli.. suddenly she hug me n sayyy "mama, i luv u soo much" .. i kiss her few times.. she look so happy.. may be she tend to say that cause she think i let her alone inside class..

then on the way back home the conversation going on between mama n amani..

mama : wat hve u learn today?

amani : i'm sooo tired.. i did soo many things..

mama : soo many things? wat r the things u did?

amani : i sing humpty danty (she didnt say dumpty) song, i color 3 oranges in purple color..

mama : did teacher says anything bout ur purple oranges..

amani : no, my fren says oranges must be orange.. i dun like tht.. i like purple..

mama : did ur fren color their oranges in orange or other color?

amani : they like red n orange.. gok gee (korean girl) color in yellow.. me myself color purple..

mesti la kawan2 dia pelik gaknya.. mana la ada orange kaler purple.. i told her the next day when we went to the supermarket (ntuc).. i told her it is really that the oranges must be in orange..then she agree..

2nd day also syukur alhamdullillah.. she is ok.. tho she saw a korean girl.. still crying after 4 weeks been there..

both day she really looks tired.. even i can say exausted.. since after went back home she have her lunch n bath after that sleep for 3 and half hrs.. wake up arroud 6.30pm..

as 2day i sent her.. b4 she enter the class.. she cries n say "mama u sit wif me inside there.. i love u mama.." slowly i tell her.."u big girl already.. mama cant be wit u inside there.. mama wait for u autside ok.. u dun worry cause u have a lot of fren.. u can play.. sing and teacher will read a story book for u.. it is gud rite.. dun cry ok.. mama will b here.." then she stop crying..

me strolled nayli back home.. while nayli zzzzzz sepanjang jalan.. n kejap lagi nak keluar again utk ambil amani frm sch..

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