Tuesday, March 15, 2011

the packed timetable


i'm quite bz for few days.. hse chores, cooking, entertaining munchkins, playing wif munchkins, feed them etc.. phew..

normally i start my day at 6am where after solat subuh, straightly went to kitchen preparing some bfast for hubby n baby.. as for 2day i juz make simple bfast.. tuna sandwiches.. rite after bfast have to clean up my babies.. bath them then play wif them for a while before nyli take a nap for 1 hr. that 1 hr is very very stressful time for me where i have to cook + entertain amani +laundry at the same time.. sometimes nyli wake up before the time reach 1 hr.. aha.. as for today she wakeup after have an hour n 15 mins nap.. syabas beta..

usually after she wakeup i managed to finish cooking n ready to entertain her while she feel groogy after wakeup.. at 12pm.. lunch time for both munchkins.. i feed both munchkins in one time... the lunch time ended at 12.45 n after that i having my lunch..

then, playtime.. after perform solat zohor, normally ther will take a nap arround 2 hrs n wake up at 4pm.. ths 2 hrs time i'm using it for surfing (like 2day) or ironing, or cleaning bathrom or doing some office work (for hubby)..

after solat asar they will having great splashing bath together.. where bathing time is their fave time.. after dressup at 5.30 they will have their dinner, once again i feed them 2gether.. then at 6.15 normally (if it's not raining) we will have a walk at my neighbourhood.. or sometimes amani play wif the abangs here till 6.50..

then wait for my hubby come back home.. normally he will b at home after maghrib (if he is not bz).. after having dinner (for me n hubby) hubby will play wif munchkins till 9 pm where i have to wipe them before they changed to pyjamas.. n at 9.30 both of them will fall asleep..

phewwwwwww...my packed timetable each day..

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sally ke? said...

phewwwww...all i can say sis. tough day kan, tp bila dpt dapat buat sume sdr, jaga those 2 girls sdr mmg puas hati kan.