Wednesday, March 16, 2011

it's all about japan


mood tiba2 nak cerita pasal japan.. kalau most of blogger cerita pasal devastated earthquake followed by 10 meters tsunami n now, regarding radiation pulak.. n me.. nak cerita pasal attitude japanese ppl..

even i havent been there, but since friday i always turn to chanel news asia where every minutes updates bout the situation in japan..

wat heading me to ths entry.. urm.. bout their attitude n mentality.. tho i juz seen on tv, but i respect to their attitude n mentality in order to make everything goes well over there..

i know their determination so strong for ever since b4.. iya lah kalau tak mereka tak akan menjajah tanah melayu dalam masa few days menggunakan basikal pulak tu.. (bukan mode sokong penjajah cuma mengkaitkan dengan determination mereka)

dalam pada keadaan yg agak getir, susah, pilu and all the bad feeling inside them.. they still calm to the situation.. how i respect their attitude in their way, where they still follow the rules.. they can wait to take turn in long queue.. they not pushing n shooving each other for foods n water.. now, if u watch for some other country most of them berebut2 n ada yg kiasu juga..

other than that, in evacuation areas, how they encourage each other.. most of them loss their family members, relatives n friends.. but they still calm, and help each other..
they also a very hygenic nation.. ini memang semua tahu kan.. i can see tempat yg berselerakkan only in tsunami area.. tempat yg tidak terkena tsunami masih seperti biasa n bersih.. urmm

itu yg saya maksudkan.. the spirit for being together, work together as a japanese.. bukan kah kita boleh take it as example.. urmm

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