Saturday, February 12, 2011

they really have splashing bath n they luv it


munchkin 1 was like i say b4, not so friendly to water but different wif munchkin "water friendly" girl.. tho amani not so friendly to water but both of them luv bathing time.. only amani doesnt like if the water esp shower sprinkle to her eyes.. then she will started calling my name.. urmm baby..

sometimes they share the tub together juz to have fun

something to share.. actually i preferred to teach my babies when bathing time.. i've tried to amani b4 n it's worked! amazingly, she recognise the 26 alphabets while playing bubble n alpha floaty.. we used to write an alphabets to the bubble n guess.. on the top of that, i even sang to them the nursery rhyme even when they are stil newborn.. and yes we have fun..

wanna see how friendly nyli to the water.. juz look at theese pic.. isnt she so friendly.. hahaha.. that's makes her always refused to dry herself when ever she heard the word "ENOUGH" from me..

alhamdullillah i got the ducky n willy as her fren when bath her.. if not, surely she will go round the bath tub

luv ths pic

the action of splashing the water.. amani hate ths

play wit the bubble.. sumtimes she try to blow..

my water friendly munchkin


Putri_Aizat said...

pergh...terbaik ar camera tuh...nampak tak? gambo air tu aku lg ske gambo nayli yg atas tuh...

akiratoriza said...

memang jarang jumpa budak2 yang tak suka men air kan... lagi dibiarkan dok dlm bilik air lama2, mmg tak sudah2 la men air.. tambah2 lau ada aksesori dlm bilik air yg leh dijadikan menan... kekadang risau lau terkena jangkitan penyakit.. harap2 tak la sampai ke tahap itu..

eh sy melalut pulak!

sarasofia said...

mama aisy: hahaha camera kopak kapak je.. tu pon kekadang ok kekadang x ok..

bonda adam: ye betol kekadang benda2 lain pon diambil sbg toys.. iskk