Wednesday, February 23, 2011

last weekend stories


quick update for last weekend hunting.. as we planned b4, we managed to get the gud fabrics for his hari raya suit this year.. ahah.. may b it is too early for us.. isnt it?? y? alhamdullillah after 4 years + together as hb n wifey, we(hb n me), have make a few changes in our life especially in budgeting.. aha.. for hari raya, we did in few part.. ths mth we baought for him, next mth for me :) n the princesses, n following month we have to handed the clothes to the tailor.. n so on.. we have to do ths way since he's the banker n me as a minister.. hahaha..

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if in spore.. tiada tempat lain yg dituju utk shopping all the kain ela.. Arab St.. we spent there for couple hrs juga since my hb so fussy bout the material.. he luv kind of cadena material for his baju melayu but then out of stock.. so he replaced with swiss cotton.. my hubby memang cerewet part2 beli kain ni.. he will consider the color, material (panas ke tidak, serap peluh ke tidak etc).. dpt la a meter $48 but then we bargain dpt a meter $40.. worth it if u noe to bagain.. alhamdullillah..
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then we move to ths fame restaurant n bought a $7 beef murtabak.. u can asked songaporean (even some malaysian also noe bout zam zam murtabak) y the murtabak so popular.. the taste mashaAllah superb babe.. we didnt dine in there.. we juz take away n having the murtabak at somewhere else after we perform solat zuhur at..

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ths mosque.. for malaysian esp johorean dun b suprise that sultan johor have his own mosque here where all tha administration of ths mosque under JAIJ.. the interior n xterior similarly like MSAB at JB.. this is Sultan Johor Mosque.. the khutbah for solat jumaat also same with the khutbah in all mosque in JB ya.. n the location infront of Vivo City..

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yea.. here we go for somethng.. b4 we do some window shopping, we had our lunch here, inside ou car at parking area.. hahahaha.. funny? memang pon.. since i say juz now.. it is included in our budget for year 2011.. makan luar hanya dua minggu sekali.. lagi bagus kalau x makan luar langsung so that we can save the money.. kedekut kah?? whatever la.. as long as kami x susahkan org lain dah ler..

setelah perut di isi dengan jayanya.. (munchkin, i bring the foodies from home) kami pon melakukan window shopping for my hubby handphone since the line contract dah xceed more than 3 yrs.. kat spore ni.. every 2 years.. u can change the phone with bayaran yg agak rendah depends of which planned u choose.. sometimes u can get the phone for free if u choose the rite plan.. sikit punya baik hati kan we all.. pakai phone buruks.. tu.. sampai 3 thn.. sampai dah x bernyawa baru sebok nak tukar..

hubby sangat interested dengan i phone.. but then he said.. " if we buy an iphone i have to top up at least $180.. for the highest plan.." as usual kami sangat teliti part budget ni.. iye la.. kalau beli iphone pon bukan nya semua application 2 we all pakai.. paling2, call, msg, n lil bit netting je la.. BUT the top reason we didnt take iphone is.. we have to pay a lot for it.. according to our plan we have to pay $400 for each phone.. that means $800 for both.. sangat mahal ok..

so we decided to "cancel" iphone list.. it's out of our budget.. n since skang ni sibuk betul dgn smart phone, so pilih punya pilih.. belek punya belek.. kami pon angkat la ths phone.. 1 for him, 1 for me..

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samsung galaxy ace.. y?? yang paling best adalah..we no need 2 pay any single cents.. plus the phone juz 1 week in market.. alhamdullillah.. coz based on our postpaid plan it is free.. n we have to use it for another 2 yrs..alhamdullillah..


Putri_Aizat said...

whoa!!!!gilos...semalam ko memsg aku tu pakai si semsung ni lah ea...pergh...best2!!!! terbaik!

akiratoriza said...

so cantik hp br... jelesnyer... tp tak bape suka touch screen.. memang terbaik dari ladang coz cantik n free.. sudah tentu sonok kan..