Wednesday, February 09, 2011

family gathering on LNY 2011

backdated entry actually.. ths pic was taken during lunar ney year last week.. where my hbn me decided went back my hometown at pekan nanas johor.. since hubby was so xcited to see the fireworks (tho it is not hari raya), as we planned, we reach my hmetown at 11pm.. both munchkins still awake..

on the top of that, finally i get my prosperity burger at mc d permas jaya.. soooo yummylicious.. we had our dinner there at 9++pm after reach jb..

ok back 2 the LNY story.. when the clock turn to 12 am ths is happened at my mum n dad neighbourhood.. "pom, pom, pom, pom" sooo happenning.. n a lot of lots fireworks we saw that night..

surprise, surprise.. my 2nd munchkin was so xcited 2 see all the fireworks n fire crakers when ever she hear the sound.. different story for munchkin 1, certain times she is crying.. she soooo scared by the sound of the fire crackers everywhere, n she rather stay inside the grandys house while the grandys try to calm her till she fall asleep wit her nana (grandpa)..

the next day we went out to jusco permas jaya juz for fun while my sister shooping few things.. accompany her shopping fetty n me bz choosing our munchkins outfit.. may b the cny sale still goin on so we juz grabbed wat we think is nice n ok for our not too xpensive of course..

aunty pija new images n i loikee..

everybody bz taking photo

grandy's angels

both maclaren baby peacefully sleeping.. glow glow silver n brand new maclaren for aisy

i kinda love ths pic turn out..

my sister n her hb.. she enjoys to the max since she juz ended her confinement

from left: aunty pja, my mum, uchu didi wit amani, my dad,nyli, n aisy

ahah, see the girl.. wat happen to her actually she peeing thru her jeans.. opps.. actually the daddy accompany her to the toilet n she still can hold.. but when the time daddy pull out the pants.. she cant hold anymore n she "wee wee" on the jeans.. so that is y, she only wearing diapers.. ahaks.. luckily i bougt 2 pyjamas for her so after changed it turn to like ths...

a pink shirt wit a brownish pants.. NOT match at all.. but we luv to look at it.. hahahha.. n she soooo happy get the new pants..


Putri_Aizat said...

haha...gambo aku tuh cam gah pregnant lagi...adoai....amacam nih...

sarasofia said...

baru sebulan lebih.. gambate dlm menguruskan badan.. tapi kalo peknen lagi pon x salah nya.. hehehe..