Wednesday, January 19, 2011

sunday the sunny day

salams all,

actually ths entry suppose 2 b post on monday but something happen to my dotter so bz handling them till i have 2 post pone the publishing of ths entry..

btw, last sunday we actually planning went to jb but then there is lil bit causes makes us stay here in spore.. tralala..

last few weeks i saw bike riding on lemongrass blog.. aha.. sis i copycat ur xtvt.. tho in different place (or country).. so, b4 we start the bike riding.. sempat lah we all have our bfast 1st then give amani chances to play at the playground there since quite long we nvr bring her to playground.. she xtremly happy.. n yes she make a lot of ffren.. while nyli as usual.. relaxing wit happy mood after had a superb bfast.. enjoy the pic..

told u.. relaxing watching all the kiddo playing..including her sis..

climb the frame..

really concentrate

ahah.. i was so puzzled when i saw ths situation.. let me tell u.. the topic is regarding the slippers of the behind girl's (she is japanese).. amani speaks english, the girl beside amani speaks korean n the girl behind them speaks japanese.. aha.. but looks like they understand each other..

hi mama..

time to bike riding

as she was walking.. suddenly she stop n says " mama got water.. pls help me.. i scared my slipers wet.. i geli mama.." amani as usual..

riding is on.. adik is sleeping

amani have fun wit mama

at the jetty watching ppl fishing.. amani keep asking me.. where is the fish..

hb wit nyli..

a lot of ppl fishing.. since it was sunny day..

our bike..

ahah.. see where is amani? behind her papa.. piggy back.. geli dgn pasir sampai tak nak jalan atas pasir.. budak ini..


Putri_Aizat said...

haha....tak thn....i geli lah mama....nayli asal leh jek tido....

akiratoriza said...

cantek beskal 2... mmg sesuai tok parent yg ada ank kecik.... sesekali berbasikal sonok jgk kn..

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