Tuesday, January 11, 2011

sunday the rainy day


last sunday was a superb sunday for me.. since for so long we never went out four-gether.. so actually we've planned to visit my cutie niece at jb but then, munchkin 1 have replacement class on sunday.. so, tht case, we decided 2 be in spore on tht sunday..

well planned n planned.. we decided to bring munchkins for swimming since for so long we didnt have any outdoor xtvt.. or else i juz say to hb.. we went for cycling at eastcoast.. urmm urmm urmm..

well, it was not so sunny on the morning.. but it isnt raining also.. we tot, we can do outdoor xtvt.. but.. after we had our lunch at home.. tadaaaa.. the weather not so agree wit us.. aha.. raining till evening..

so since we 4-gether n do nothing at home, told hb tht i want to do some shopping for groceries.. than we headed to jurong.. punya lah jauh juz for shopping.. after a while shopping hubby ask me

"wat we wanna hve for dinner?" i reply "aha, u nak belanja?" suddenly amani says " ek donald..papa, ek donald.." hb n me juz laugh.. n hb says "ok, papa belanja mc donalds"

seems like mc donalds so big thing for me.. actually n the truth is.. my hb was not sooo fast food person.. tht is y when he's agree wit amani.. it was a big suprise for me.. aha.. i can say for how long we never go to fast food 4-gether.. lama juga lah.. last time was we have our bfast at mc donald oso but for 4 mth bck.. normally me myself as a cooker cum chef for him n munchkins or else we have our treats at my mom home at pekan nanas..

so theese are the pic..

our meals.. hb fillet o fish, me, try to find prosperity burger but dun hve.. all they have for ths festive seasons is samurai burger.. it was ok.. but i rather choose prosperity burger..


this gal snatch the fries from my hand.. aha.. u baby.. isnt the time yet for u to eat mc d..


luv ths pic..

bz like a bee..

i'm the monster..


Putri_Aizat said...

nanti dtg jb lah nyer baru makan prosperity...

wan nurul hezrina abd halim said...

adusss sedapnya nengok anak2 makan tuh.berselera sangat nampaknya=)

nyum nyum post cni cket.btw mummy dah follow=)

sarasofia said...

mama aisy: ok.. itu lah b4, prosperity abis musim

wnhah: nak ke?? nanti saya courier ke putrajaya..