Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Munchkin 2: Favorita


happy 9 mths old my dolly baby chubby sofia nayli.. seems like u juz born.. watching u grow is priceless for me.. she is going to 1 yr old n i was so xcited to meet the day on apr.. aha.. by 9th mths..

  1. says simple words.. mama, tata, papa 6 mth
  2. can stand on her own.. on 7 mth
  3. climb the stairs on 7 mths
  4. know to taste the foodies where she gave the sign that likes n dislikes on 7 mths
  5. luv to play wit water since 4 mths
  6. alert whenever she wanna touch something tht not suppose to touch by "NO" word on 7 mths
  7. know wat is bored situation especially when we stuck on traffic jam whenever headed to jb.. since 6 mths.. LOL
  8. have 1st tooth on 7 mth now, 3rd teeths showing off on 8 mths..

n many more that mama forgot to listed here but hey baby.. mama luv 2 see u grow up every day.. same like munchkin 1 b4.. alhamdullillah u grow healthy.. tht most priceless to mama..

started 2 stand

yeah baby


see the hairclip

fave pose

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Putri_Aizat said...

like the fave pose...hehe...