Wednesday, January 12, 2011

mini pepperoni pizza making


the title shows the whole story today.. well i'm kind of M.A.L.A.S or L.A.Z.Y 2day.. keep thinkin wat i have 2 prepare for lunch n dinner 2day.. esp for my munchkins.. suddenly after we have bfast munchkin1 plays her toys which is masak2 toys.. then she told me she wanna make pizza.. *tingggg.. the idea comes from the munchkin.. aha.. so i decided to make mini pizza where i involve her to make her own pizza..

the best part is.. she have fun wit it.. munchkin 2 also bz wanna see wat happen inside kitchen.. then she try to climb up the mini ladder, stand up by holding rubbish bin.. so the runner was me.. where i hve 2 monitor wat munchkin1 spread on her mini pizza n at the same time.. watch out the munchkin2..

for the mini pizza i juz use the sliced gardenia bread, leggo's tomato puree, sliced chicken sausages, mix mexican herbs, sliced cheese (cause it is emergency, we dun have a cheddar or wat so ever cheese for pizza).. step by step.. so theese r the pic..

the sauces n the sausage
mex herbs

done! mini peperoni pizza..

fresh from the oven

mini picnic.. look at nyli.. she bz looking at the cat..


Putri_Aizat said...

sedapnyer...nak...adoai...tetibe aku lapo giler...

cute picnic lah....

wan nurul hezrina abd halim said...

waduh pandainya anak dara nie ek?nampak gayanya suka sangat memasak

sarasofia said...

aunty fetty: sedap eh?? aunty fetty tgh confinement semua pon sedap..

wnhah: suka suka je ni.. mama dia layankan.. to increase the motor skill