Monday, January 31, 2011

it's a wet wet day


all island is wet wet n wet since saturday.. but tho it was raining on saturday.. we stil catch to went out untuk bershopping wif my sis cute family.. since they want 2 buy a stroller for lil aisy.. but then we managed to catch few outfits on tht day.. n continue to the next day whch is sunday the rainy day.. ahah.. ths time we went to kaki bukit whch is located at bedok north n YES, lil aisy get the new stroller from daddy n mummy..
while 2 day, my munchkins wakeup late since it was stil raining.. then after have a splashing bath munchkin 1 request to wear a dress with cardigan "i feel very cold mama.. i want to wear xtra shirt with ths dress.."
munchkin 2 i juz put on 3quater tights so tht she wont feel cold.. isk isk isk.. mcm terasa mcm di 4 seasons country la pulak.. feeling2 je.. tapi x der snow.. ahaks..

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