Tuesday, December 28, 2010

my munchkins

salams all..

quite long been away frm blogging.. simple reason, i'm too bz.. for few things.. at the top of the lists i was soooo bz wit my adorable neice.. everyday i'll thinkin of her.. hais.. the feeling of become an aunty.. 2nd, was i bz wit renewal my passport n PR here.. juz renew my passport but PR taken sort of process.. cause i've to tranfer the re-entry permit to the new passport.. hais again..

but.. 3rd reason cause now, i'm doing some research regarding montessori programme for my munchkins.. i'm blog walking few days ago.. suddenly i found something interesting bout montessori.. b4 ths i juz heard bout it, nvr concentrate on it.. but now i noe wat it was.. n it is gud for baby from birth till kiddo arround 6 yr old.. interesting isnt it?? MORE about it that i like was how u can teach ur child by DIY all the toys.. at the same time u generate their motor skill.. i will blog it soon after i try it out for both munchkin..

2nd munchkin now 8 mths +.. she really wanna b like her eldest sis.. the 3rd teeth pop out early last week.. aha.. sooo quick.. she oso, like babbling.. ataaatatatatata.. thts the fave words.. n like to walk use her own leg by grabbin something.. though it was tiptoed walking but mama n papa really proud of u baby.. cause u try so hard.. two thumbs up for u.. eheheh.. alhamdullillah syukur..

1st munchkin, alhamdullillah.. she is now can make a sentence well.. she can tell me the something she go through like wat she did at sch.. , wat she cooking inside her cute home (of course her toys stove n pot).. she know wat she likes n dislike n she can tell me y she like n dislike.. urmm.. tho sumtimes she stuck of making new vocab that makes her mix the sentence wit malays.. i dum mind.. cause at least she noe 2 language.. n really hope she can add 1 more language when she start her kindergarten soon at 4 yr old.. alhamdullillah..

munchkin wit cuzzie Aisy Adawiyah..

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