Friday, December 03, 2010

budak ini sudah pandai panjat tangga..


base on the title.. mmg lah sekarang munchkin2 sangat active.. kalau i was cooking.. or preparing something inside kitchen.. she was so cranky inside her walker.. if i dragged her to kitchen together wit me.. definetly she wil pull my pants dengan harapan mamanya ini akan mengangkat dia..

actually since she can stand on her own (by grabbing sumthing..) she looks like, hate the walker.. alamak aiiii.. i dun mind to let her go n mingling herself all over the floor.. BUT i was bit afraid takut2 kalau dia slip off since she still in the process of learn how to balance her body.. in the end i have 2 carry her while the other hand bz doing the chores.. urmm

by looking at theese pix.. u can see how active munchkin 2..
starting.. showing off her bum bum

one step..

try to reach the next step..

see.. how far she can go for a minutes only..

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