Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Sofia Nayli first time weaning

salams all,

since yesterday she is turn 2 6th month old.. that means she is now started to have her solid food..

alhamdullillah.. though she cant finish all of her first solid food BUT, i can see her reaction towards solid food when 1st time i feed her..

according to the paed, babies like her should be given solid food once a day.. just for intro them 2 solids.. n each day try new recipee.. rice definitely cant b given at ths age.. the dr says.. i can only start 2 feed her rice (fine porridge actually) when she's turn to 8 mth old.. purpose of giving her solid in 6 mth is to prepare her lil tummy with solid..

for 2nd munchkin i've tried cerelac cereal.. since the paed give me few sample 2 try.. i have oats with prune (which i tried yesterday), rice cereal, n brown rice cereal.. n i added 1 more cereal from heinz.. muesli with banana..

so, wat happen yesterday?? i choose oats with prune cereal from cerelac.. plus i added lil bit of banana (where have 2 seiving 1st).. i juz add 1 teaspoon of cereals + water + quater teaspoon of banana n mix them well.. at 1st she luv the cereal.. but when it comes 2 5th feeds.. she rejected..

different from munchkin 1, where she can finish all of her meals..(sara amani weaning) munchkin 2 cant make it.. may b she try to adapt 2 the foodies.. the paed told me that, for every meals i intro 2 her wait for 15 mins.. if she rejected that means she do not like it..

as usual i always took pic when ever my kids doing it 4 the 1st time.. so guys enjoys..

her meals

munchkin 1 gave instruction 2 munchkin 2

meals time ended wit this

bagi sebijik kang..


akiratoriza said...

erm tgk Nayli cam dah besar jek.. cute face.... hihihi

akiratoriza said...

Nayli soooo cute.. bila dah besar ckit ni br nampak muka Nayli c&p fr Amani...