Tuesday, October 05, 2010

she is 6th mth old today

salams all,

alhamdullillah 2day is marked as nayli 6th mth old bday.. opps dah besar anak mama ni.. by 6th mth she is already..

  1. roll over
  2. push lil bit up her bum bum (may b in testing mode for crawling)
  3. she can pass her toys from one 2 another hand
  4. she recognize her name when ever her papa or me call her name
  5. give big laugh while playing peekaboo or or when we tickle her
  6. babbling baby words..
  7. show off her uneasy n pleasant feeling
  8. sometime she needs something (s.a : milk) but i delayed her time she will shout lil bit louder
  9. can sit on bumbo seat
  10. like to b hug by papa n mama
  11. etc

as a mama.. of course i luv 2 see her changes everyday in order for her 2 b big gal like her sister aka munchkin 1..

ooh ya.. starting from 2day..she can started weaning.. yeehaaa.. i luv 2 see that.. her 1st xpression when i give her solid food.. i'll update bout it 2morow.. aha.. n recipee for 2day may b mama will prepare for u muesli + banana + milk.. so girls.. mama cant wait 2 see ur xpression..

for my lil baby, nayli.. happy 6th mth old bday..mama always pray the best for u n munchkin1 n insyaAllah, Allah swt will make it true.. aminn

my heart melting.. when ever i saw this smile.. especially when ever she wake up every morning

luv u soo much baby..

my priceless gift from Allah swt.. munchkin 1 n munchkin 2..

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Putri_Aizat said...

hehe....seronok tengok gambor nayli senyum...adoai...tak sabo nak jumpa nayli n sara weekend nih...