Thursday, September 30, 2010

xtvt munchkin1

salams to all readers,

ths isn't new xtvt 4 her.. flash back.. urm she fall in luv wit color since i've intro 2 her when she was 1 yr old.. but tht time she juz using crayon..

well, last few weeks i try 2 find school for her.. the purpose is to give an xposure n to make her socialize wit new member.. of course i have to find the nearest wit hse since i have 2 fetch her everyday (maybe)

after i did some survey through the net n walk in to the kinder itself.. finally i found wat i need for her.. KIDS CAMPUS..luckily the kinder have trial classes for her to try.. so, last sunday we went for trial classes for munchkin 1.. n it was playgroup class where parents can join together wit her.. it was 1 hr class, n once a week..

during the class i can see amani still not get used to the new environment such as, fear 2 try new things.. but the teacher say.. it is normal for new beginer like her..

wat can i say bout the class was "FUN" they started with playing soft toys (build up a dream palace-ahah), then the teacher teach bout the "INSECTS" where the kids have to speak up according to the insects she hold (of course fake insect).. they also have multimedia lesson where they teach the kids using multimedia tools.. then sing a song + dance session.. then move to the gym.. ahah.. when it comes to gym part amani was sooo xcited.. till dun wan to let go the area.. hahahah..

the lesson was ended by singing n hi 5 wit all fren n the teacher gave her homework 2 b done at home.. after that hb n me decided to put her in playgroup class b4 she went to the nursery1 class next year.. n ya.. she will start her first class this saturday.. so guys theese are the pic when she is bz doing her homework..

she still confused to hold the pencil properly

close up

she says : mama, i want 2 coor the "fawer" (fawer aka flower)

alhamdullillah now she is practising solat wit me.. though she didnt now wat i reciting during every movement in solat.. but she will keep pssst.. pssst... like wat i did.. every time when i take wudhuk.. she also bz n says "i want to take uduk ar mama" then she do like i did.. of course after take wudhuk she will take her telekong (where being given by aunty fetty n uncle ai) n solat beside me.. alhamdullillah hopefully ths practice will forever n ever.. amin..

yaw.. i want to solat


pssst.. pssst.. pssst..

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matni said...

Bagus aa anak ko nih.. ade bunga2 keimanan.. aminnnn!!