Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Jabs day..

Salams all

Semalam memang nayli ada appointment dengan paed dia kat iKids Paragon.. ada immunization for her .. not 1 jab but 2.. where is 6 in 1 jab n pnemococal jab.. syian anak mama sorang ni.. since a day b4 she got runny nose.. so 2day nayli agak weak sikit but alhamdullillah dia x demam..

Before we get there.. we have our bfast kat mc d.. request from mamanya.. dedicated to munchkin 1 since dah lama x jalan dgn my small family ni.. tp yg xcited mamanya la apa lagi.. bfast sponsored by mr papa aka hubby of course.. thanks dear for that..

After a while for bfast amani was so xcited since that outlet ada pond where as she can feed the tortoise n fish.. then sempat la I as a photographer yg x bertauliah snapping few pic.. then straight away we went to Paragon..

As we reach iKids munchkin 1 la overexcited (as usual) sebab iKids ada mcm2 toys.. so dia leka main dgn semua toys itew.. n buku2 di situ..

When the name called.. we went 2 see dr n after nayli go for few test for 6mth baby.. she is now ready for the jab.. left leg for 6 in 1 jab where the other is for pneumococcal jab.. she’s crying but for few second je.. after the doc shows her toys.. senyap kembali.. so guys enjoy the pic..

munckin1 n munchkin2

mama n munchkin2

munchkin2 babling baby words

close up my munchkin2

munchkin 1 leka dgn toys from happy meals

i told u.. sampai je iKids.. she the one who was so xcited..though munchkin2 yg jumpa paed..

munchkin 2 relaxing inside her mac laren

now, headed 2 the books..

papa's girl..

my munchkins

ENT checked

ENT checked

some motor development skill test

munchkin2 face ahahaha..

preparation for the jabs

left leg : for 6 in 1

right leg : for pneumococcal

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Putri_Aizat said...

muka amani first pic tak tahan...semua gigi dah nampak tak sabar lak nak gi itew mcd...