Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Amani is 2 yr old..


ths is backdated entry.. since my laptop buat hal..so mmg lama lah x hapdet.. sorry.. so on 12 june aritu was amani bday.. seronok giler from morning till evening we ol celebrate bday muchkin..

morning session : hb n me planned to bring her to mc d east coast for bfast since her fave meals was pancake n hb specially bot for her happy meals..

then, ronda2 jap kat east coast park.. amani was so happy since dia dah lama x pegi sini main2 kat layground..

next was bday suprise party at ibu umi hse..at garden vista.. thanks a lot 2 ibu umi for the party..

nayli wit the tiara

evening session at nana's hse.. bbq.. yummy

present frm nana n nani

present frm aunty pja n uchu dd

present frm aunty fety n uncle ai .. telekung

present frm ibu umi

present frm aunty sah

present frm ibu ram


Blushwax said...

Happy 2nd Bday to Amani! Aih...cute nyer Nayli! So tembam!

akiratoriza said...

Hepi belated birthday Amani... be a gud gurl k....