Friday, May 07, 2010

my babies: sara n sofia

salams all,

sofia turn to 1 mth on 5th of may aritu.. well genap je sebulan hubby n me bring her for hepa-B jab (2nd dose). same like amni's time.. we went to see our babies paed dr. irene at ikids paedeatric at paragon.

alhamdullillah sofia's grows well.. alhamdullillah.. in one month she gaining weight abt 1 kilo.. now her weight was 4.2kg n height 52cm.. luv to see u grow well baby..

while sofia's have her routine checkup.. the eldest sister plak semakin tinggi.. now her weight ia 10.8 kg n height 83cm.. uhuhuhu wait for another 7 cm... if her height xceed 90cm.. naik public transport like mrt or bus, kena fare lah nampaknya..hik hik hik..

after a month i noticed that sofia can..

1) stop crying when she hear sudden noise like u clap ur hands
2) lift up her head n turn to right n left
3) when i change her diaper or during bath time, she can pay attention when eva i talk to her
4) when i talk to her sometimes she start babbling "eh uuhh"
5) she try to follow wateva she see infront of her eyes.. esp the movement..

seronok tgk perubahan baby ni.. amani pulak dah semakin membesar n skang ni dah try nak cakap perkataan yg ada 3 sukukata.. cuma dia belum lagi cekap dalam menyusun ayat.. pernah sekali tuh dia cakap:

amani : mama, cry ayli..syusyu mama, she one
(suppose: mama, nayli cry, she wan susu)

normally, saya akan betulkan apa yg salah.. n she listening wat i say.. may be she input dulu.. evntho it was simple thing but as a mama to her i'm so proud cause she is trying to make a sentence.. applause to mama's baby.. :)

memang betul la kata my fren, masa paling seronok tgk baby ni adalah frm 0-2yrs old,.. since masa tu banyak perubahan yg kita bole lihat... urm it is tru...

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Blushwax said...

Hehe...Dr Ann Tan recommended the same PD but I switched cos I wanted Dr Belinda Murugasu instead. Nyla will only get further jabs 3 mths onwards. and's so fun watching the baby's progress.