Monday, May 17, 2010

Awin's Wedding


congrats to my fren mazuin aka awinzzz.. finally she upgraded her status from fiance to wifey.. hb, me n amani berkesempatan menghadiri majlis awin.. tho we reach there a bit early.. but i managed to see the bride n groom at her place.. n snapped few picta.. cuma terkilan sikit sbb x dpt jumpa x-officemate yg lain such as, bb, sab, ina, and alicia.. yg sempat i jumpa adalah sally n che mas..

we (hb n me) juz bring amani to the wedding.. nayli we keep her 1st.. hahahaha.. my mom yg dah windu ngan chuchu nya, so we leave nayli wit my mom..

theese are the pic.. the wedding color concept was white + red.. nice combination of color i guess..

this gal running all over the hall siap testing red carpet lagik..

che mas, me n sally.. che mas n sally yg bz coz after that they have 2 rush to KL for courses..

the bride n groom awin n elfie

the bride wit me

us wit awinz..

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