Tuesday, April 27, 2010

she love milky time with bottle..


my 2nd munchkin insyaAllah goin to 1 month next month.. tht means another 2 wks i hv 2 ended the confinement period which is i tink.. a slightly "lceh"for me especially the wrapping (bengkung) part.. alamak ampunnnnn... i hv to wrapped my tummy juz for the sake of nak kempis kembali.. ahaks.. n yet, i have reduce 9 kgs another 6 kg to go.. alhamdullillah.. eventho 9 kgs has gone still my old jeans cant fit thru my hip... this is the challenge..

ok.. back 2 d topic.. my 2nd muckhkin now.. looks like hate her original milk from the original source... she love to having her original milk frm bottle aka fake source.. alamak.. different frm 1st munchkin where she hate bottle! n love to have it frm original source.. hahaha..

now, i have to pump more than 6 times perday since the milk is sometimes overload at the original source.. till i can feel stressed n cramp on the breast.. so have to pump n store it inside the freezer or warmer.. for me i dun mind she wanna hv the milk either frm original source or bottle as long as she love her mommy milk is enough for me.. proudly i said alhamdullillah while amani time, i bfeed her for 18 mth till early stages of my pregnancy..

since i was a h/wife i tink better i bfeed my baby as long as i can.. save money beb..;)


akiratoriza said...

Beruntung akak dapat menyusukan anak.. saya nak buat jugak cam tu biarpun saya keje tapi susu tak banyak masa tu so terpaksala stopkan Adam dari menyusu badan.. harap2 next baby t dapat menyusukan...

m y a l i s h a said...

akiratoriza: mmg every mommy nak mcm tuh kan.. dapat susukan baby sendiri.. sometimes due 2 some constrains u hv 2 change to formula milk.. esp kalo susu x banyak n baby plak nak kerap minum.. mmg 1st baby normally susu x banyak.. thru my xperience.. bila 2nd baby ni overloaded la plak.. ha ha ha.. may ur dream come true ya, mama adam.. adam dah ready tuh nak ada adik.. hik hik hik..