Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sara Amani n Sofia Nayli


entry kedua for 2day since both of my pwincess sedang lena dibuai mimpi..
after viewing the pic above.. i noe n realised that amani really love her lil sis sofia nayli but still perasaan jeles itu tidak boleh dielakkan.. ya.. b4 ths all of our attention is for her.. but now i have to give some of it to sofia..

skang ni.. kalo dia nampak i'm pumping milk for sofia je.. dia pon kelam kabut minta syusyu.. "mama, anie syusyu??" kalo lambat je skit aku buatkan dia susu.. ala2 merajuk la anak aku tuh..
but walaupon jeles.. nampak jugak ciri2 responsibility dlm diri dia.. cthnya kalo sofia menangis.. she will keep telling me tht her sis crying in her words la of course..

may be she's started to accept someone new in her life but i noe it takes time.. n till now if i asked her who give her the barney bag?? straightly she will answer "adik.."whenever i change sofia diaper or whenever she get a chance to kiss her lil sister she'll do so.. tht telling me that she love her sister..

the only thng she wanted from hubby n me is the attention.. may b amani have to sacrifice for this.. since b4 ths 100% of papa n mama's attention is for u.. now, she have to share the attention with her lil sister.. but dun worry baby.. mama n papa luv u n sofia so much... we luvs u both equally... muahhhh

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