Monday, February 08, 2010

my lil artist


i was 2 bz lately since we (hb. me n munchkin) moving frm 3rd storey 2 2nd storey room.. so for sure i have to clean up all messy thing with chaos everywhere.. phew.. finally last saturday was the final touch.. it was very tiring job.. tho we only downgraded our room (from 3rd storey to 2nd story)..

ok.. now.. related to the topic.. since i saw munchkin love to drawing using pen or pencil on old paper.. few weeks b4 we (munchkin n mama) went out to the library.. then of course we did borrow some books.. n i've bougt 4 her a drwaing block with crayon.. she love it.. but.. whenever she wanted to show her talent to b an artist, i'll always beside her.. juz 4 a precautions.. to keep an eye.. n make sure she draw everything on the drawing block not at the wall.. ahah.. enjoyz the pic..;)


Blushwax said...

ooooo..picaso in the making? Insyaallah.

m y a l i s h a said...

hahaha.. insyaAlllah