Friday, November 06, 2009

searching for new gynae

salams all

the whole day.. i'm bz googling for my new gynae.. Y?? cause my most fave gynae Dr. Julianah Abu was no longer to take the delivery process since she is now more to IVF.. urmm little bit leceh la coz have to find new gynae since i feel easy n comfortable with her.. nice dr.. but wat 2 do.. have to find the gud gynae for my next baby..

b4 googling actualy i have asked few ppl bout their gynae.. my cuzzie suggest dr brenda low from gleneagles hosp.. looks like i attracted for wat she told me.. futhermore after googling bout her some commenters from give a kinda gud comment bout her xcept for the 4D machine tht she doesnt have in her clinic.. besides reasonable $ she is a very patience n gud dr.. urmmm still thinking.. adoyay.. thinkin thinkin...

then i googling bout few gynae in Mt E hosp which is i prefer to go since i have a good delivery xperience over there.. fyi, i have to go thru for 72 hours for labour process since amani very comfy stay inside my womb tht time.. eventho, it's a long labour.. syukur pada Allah coz.. my gynae Dr. Julianah Abu n fews midwife in Mt E are very very supportive n they didnt give me any pressure at all.. treat me like their own sister.. i tell u... besides, the delivery suites which is privacy for me n hubby.. the environements n service over there were realy realy gud n professional.. i luv tht..

urmm.. on my last visit with dr julianah, she suggested to me her fren Dr. Ann Tan.. n fortunately after googling for her ths afternoon, i've found a very impressive feedback from those who ever been her patient b4.. urmm since she's in Mt E.. so may be.. i would like to propose her to hubby as my gynae (since he will pay all my medical bill :)).. may b lah..

Y i'm so choosy bout gynae?? cause i tink they play a very very important role in delivery process.. i dun want the gyane tht nagging to me when i'm in pain.. or gynae put pressure on me when i'm really in stress to push my baby out... owh noooo... nooo.. nooo.. that is y i'm a bit choosy bout gynae..

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Blushwax said...

Lama tak jenguk sini then suddenly read your pregnancy announcement. Congrats sis!!!

I'm seeing Dr Ann Tan. So far no
complains about her at all. Take care of yourself sis!