Wednesday, November 04, 2009

makan makan

salams all,
it's been long time i didnt key in the new entry.. well, when the penyakit M datang maka terbengkalaila new post kat sini.. well well well.. bukan penyakit M saja.. since there is sumthing happen + bz with munchkins.. so have to postpone all the entry..
well guys.. i guess pic worth a thousand words kan.. so enjoyz the pic.. taken 2 wks ago.. hehehe..
makan makan being held at pizza hut pontian johor.. since we went back to my mum's house n i'm craving for pizza we decided to went there on deepavali holiday with my parents n my youngest bro..

makan makan kat arnolds.. only few pic taken coz we all was starving tht day.. so when the waiter presented the foodies infront of us.. we forgot to took the pic.. wakaka..

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