Wednesday, September 02, 2009

she can say few words..

salams all,
saja nak masukkan entry special.. hehehe.. since eicah comments kat previous entry regarding amani say "eyo" which is represent hello.. so i think i should make new entry special for her words..
yup so far there are few words she can say.. n yet she understood if i told her something like.."amani please pick up that thing for mama" she will pickup n handed to me.. bravo sayang..
few words that i discover from her..
  1. mama
  2. papa
  3. beh - bird
  4. keh - cat
  5. kah - car
  6. ner - there
  7. eyo - hello
  8. babba - bubble

other than that.. if i act like crying or her papa do the same thing (crying) she will hug us with a kisses.. (konon2 pujuk la tuh), she noe how to say "NO" by shaking her head to left n right (geleng2kan kepala)...

if i say i wanna solat, straight away she went to the place where i hang the telekung n sejadah.. n some more whe she saw hubby or me doing the final tahiyat in solat.. she will take the doa book which is i put nearer at the solat area.. n the funny thing is.. when we solat she will act the same thing.. kalau dia sujud tu sampai tertonggeng nak jatuh.. memang funny..=)

i noe she's growing so fast n still growing.. love to see her changes n make new things everyday.. sure sapa2 yg jadi mommy out there pon sama kan.. ;)

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e i c a h said...

whoa..dah banyak mulut dah cik amani kita..tak lama lagi..jenuh la mama dia nak kene jwb soalan2 mencabar kesabaran plak..hehe..

sila minta tunjuk ajar dari mak buyung sally..