Thursday, August 06, 2009

still the same..:(

salams all..

still cerita yg sama.. amani appetite.. adoyay.. every meals i've prepared 2 different menus.. but stil she taken it slowly n sumtimes.. pandang pon x mo..

i've discussed with hubby regarding this matter.. hubby oso worried but dunno wat 2 do..

this morning, after she wake up, we try to give her cereals.. but REJECTED.. then we went to NTUC.. since NTUC have delifrance bakery.. so we bought a butter croissant for her.. alhamdullillah she ate but only quater from the croissant..

i did give her vege + fish + rice.. she ate but for 2 or 3 feeds only.. i've do so many tricks.. like put the vege's (carrot + brocolli + potato) on a plate n decorate it like a smily face.. at first she show her interest on tht kinda food but a minute after that she throw away all the things inside together with the plate.. than make a mess with it..

i didnt scold her n juz put other meals on her plate.. like bun with butter n fish fillet.. she ate but for 2 or 3 bites.. oooohhhhh babyyyyy...

yesterday i try to give her steam asparagus with cheese.. she ate but like i said b4, onlly for 2 or 3 bites.. the rest she leave it n make a mess with it.. n for a past few days.. i giving her meals n waiting (outside frm the dining area) for her eating her food but it ended with nothing.. (T_T)

my dotter dah kurus.. i noe n realise tht.. this morning she looks like mcm x ada mood.. selalunya kalau hb n me bawa dia naik kereta.. she will nvr sit n stay still at one place mesti nak panjat la.. nak usik itu nak usik ini.. but this morning.. she sit n juz look outside the window.. me n hubby worried.. mcm x active pulak.. adoyay.. may b.. due to havent take food so badan rasa lesu gaknya...

guys.. sapa2 yg dah ada xperience handle like ths situation please help me.. i'm soo worried.. i dah cuba mcm2 cara but still FAILED to attract her..

kalau ada new recipee yg anak2 korang suka makan bole x share wit emailing me : mana la tahu my munchkin pon suka jugak.. hope fully.. (eicah i dah try the lemon chic tuh.. but it's ended mama dia yg abeskan.. mmg sedap really.. tp my dotter mkn sikit n x berselera)


sabrena said...

BALQIS PON MACAM TU kita ckp...budak kalau nak active dia mmg kurg makan...nak ringankan badan...even balqis pon jadik macm tu...masa dia age mcm sara ni...kak ecah don long as dia minum susu...kalau tak minum susu tu baru la bole risau2...peringkat umur diorg...makanan tu as tambahan jek kat diorg....lagik satu kan....u can try...bagi makan original fish oil...ALHAMDULILAH....nasihat doktor bg kat kita...balqis mkn myak ikan, selera ada, pastu nmpak antibody dia kuat...jarang dah kene sakit demam2 ni...sbb dulu satu bulan msti 2kali sakit...duduk nursery kan..skrg ni nmpak mkn selera...sakit pon kurg...alamak..pjg la plak...itu aje kita boleh share...ok..

aku yang menaip said...


kite pon terpikir, amani menyusu ok x?selain mkn solid food, dia mmg fully breastfeed ke?or campur susu tepung?

uzie said...

dulu masa anak org lain sibuk mkn bubur umur 4-8bln,anak aku langsung tak mkn,so jumpa doktor,dia ckp campurkan susu+nestum 1 scoop,wat cair2...
nah skrg bdn dia..boleh arr montel mcm mama&papa dia huhuuhuu