Saturday, August 01, 2009

she is stil in low appetite

salams all

yesterday i've key in the entry regarding of my munchkin appetite.. alhamdullillah for me when she manage to ate 3 quater of her lunch.. applause to her..

wat happen on dinner.. owhhh anakku... i think i cook few menu's for her dinner.. at first.. i make hashbrown + salmon steak.. she ate..but only 4 or 5 bite.. n again i count how many bite went thru her mouth :(

then after that i steam half bowl of peas n corn.. but REJECTED on first sight!!! i never give up still try to make sumthing.. i give her cereal (similar like corn flakes) mix with fruits.. also REJECTED at first sight.. hubby yg tgk how she rejected the foodies also puzzled.. then i put on her own bowl n let her eat by herself.. ada la 2 suap.. pastu she make a mess with the food n keluar kan semua from bowl.. x makan pon.. alahai baby..

then last try.. i make a toasted bread with cheese.. alhamdullillah la juga.. since she ate half of it.. but as usual dah 4 hari ni.. she always wake up once in a half an hour for having fresh milk from me.. n the result is.. mama memang tak cukup tidur.. since she hungry (i think) so she often wakeup at night..

thanks to blogger, eicah for sharing ur tips n comments.. i really appriciate it.. i'll try.. n again i say.. i'm interested 2 ur honey lemon chic.. n pls give me the recipe.. ok.. i'm waiting... ;)


Blushwax said...

Oh dear, you must be really worried. Maybe she wants to be introduced to new flavors? No I am really not sure. Keep on trying yeah.

m y a l i s h a said...

blushwax: yup really really worried..n u r correct.. according 2the doc.. she want a new menus.. may b same like our menus.. uhuhhhhh..