Tuesday, August 04, 2009

related with amani appetite..

salams all,

alhamdullillah syukur.. amani's appetite is slowly back to normal.. but at this time she fully rejected any food that related with rice.. so her mama have to try a lot of new recipee for her... n yet wat comes to my mind is western food recipee..

as for yesterday lunch i've prepare for my baby a home made fish n chips.. n she manage to finish all of the meals.. applause to her.. :) as for dinner i make mashed potato with chicken sandwich.. she ate half of it.. n alhamdullillah again...

now, i'm stuck.. i wonder.. if i have to create a new recipee for her on every meal.. arghhhh.. baby.. last few days i make pasta.. she REJECTED at the first sight.. well i can say she dun wan a meals that having source like rice.. (pasta, noodles).. due to some cooments from some bloggers.. i think it might help me.. she want something that she can take by her own fingers..

now, may b i have to prepared something that not only easy to cook but healthy for her.. hubby always remind me, so that i wont give her fried foodies every meals.. must have limit.. some time i feel that he simply can say that but as for me.. i cant leave my mind of thinking for her menu.. arghhh.. by right.. the meals will be prepared by me.. hubby as a papa to her always concern for the nutrition needs for her but sometimes forget to concern bout how the food will be prepared n wat r the menus.. huhhhh.. sometimes i feel tired of all this..

yesterday with a joking tones... i juz say to hubby.. "yea.. i'm like a very fame chef that noe everything bout baby food.. everything.. i think, one day i should open a baby restaurant so tht for others tht having similar prob like us can have thier baby food easily without thinking wat to cook everyday.." then he replied "aikkss sounds like MARAH je" i juz say "bukan marah but sometimes i need ur help.. let say.. we face it together.. please n please dun simply say.. GIVE HER MORE HEALTHY FOOD.. i've try my best to give her wat i noe is healthy for her.." with muka bersalah he replied "NO, sayang i didnt say that u x pandai masak utk amani.. but jus remind u only.." i juz ended with smile n say.."please dun remind me each of every menu's amani have.. enough for once ok dear.. i noe u concern bout her.. but at the same time.. berikan sedikit ruang utk i..ye dear.."

hahaha.. actually we didnt argue bout who is right.. but in proper way.. i juz needs him to be with me not juz give a sentence like an order.. anyway, thanks dear..


e i c a h said...

i can share an idea with u..i did this to my girl..i cook brocolli + ayam goreng (small2 pieces)..then put all in a bowl with rice (nasik masak mcm biasa)..

then i put her in her highchair..with the bowl..pusing the chair let her see what im doing in the kitchen..turns out..dia picked and ate all those brocolli and chicken leaving the rice untouched (bukan btul2 untouched..tp tak makan nasik nyer)..hehe..

1st time i start giving my girl macaroni kan..i put the food atas meja highchair dia..without the bowl...so bila dia nmpk those macaroni..dia pick and put in her mouth..then telan..just like what she did whenever she sees things on the floor..hahaha..

the point is..you shld be creative enuff to trick her..makan sikit2 pun takpe..at least dia makan kan..itu our main objective..

so for the food you can try..i suggest buat homemade corn + carrot in cup - letak butter and susu manis sket..(my girl loves this so much!)..

other than that..carrot pancake..sgt senang..bg dia makan dengan yogurt or honey..

scramble eggs..just like kita buat utk kita makan..telur + susu + bwg besar + tomato

cream soup..(jgn guna mushroom yet!)..buat ayam or any other sayur..mesti bg dia makan sendiri tau! mama jgn sibuk2 nak suap k..ignore her if you can..buat2 tak nmpk apa dia buat..let her taste it..mana tahu dia suka kan??

byk lah nak list kat sini..nanti lah bila teringat lagi..i let u know..

aku yang menaip said...

ye..ye..btl tu eicah.kids mmg sgt suka mn carrot! klu msk apa2, cobe ko letak carrot. sayur2 yg kaler2 mcm brokoli seme tu.dia mesti mcm..wowwww!!!!!

Blushwax said...

I think at this stage the colours and presentation of the food may play a part.

Instead of frying, maybe can try baking? or grilling? definitely a healthier choice.
Good luck!