Monday, August 03, 2009

Burger King

salams all,

since munchkin masih lagi low appetite.. so on last sunday we (hb n me) decided 2 see a second doc.. iye la.. juz wanna ask 4 2nd opinion frm different doc..

after check this n that on her.. the doc says.. (same like eicah told me.. i wonder if eicah is a pediatricians too..heheh.. thanks eicah) not to worry since she look healthy n active.. she become a bit choosy bout food may due to some reason..
  1. teething process.. may be her molar tooth slowly want to came out.. according to the doc.. some baby will have fever, loss appetite, due to uncomfortable feeling
  2. change diet.. due to active lifestyle.. they more to have milk than solids.. urmmm
  3. change menu.. bored to the same menus.. according to the doc... some baby, wanna change thier menus due to wat they saw on others (people surronding her like parents) menus..

thats all the possiblities of my munchkin low appetite.. it's much relief for hubby n me after have a quite long consultation with this doc.. n we can say he is better that our regular paed b4.. may due to the xplanation.. urmm alhamdullillah..

after that.. juz for the purpose having fun with munchkin, hubby n me take her to burger king.. hahaha.. n with no doubt i give her burger king food!!.. like fries n mashed potato.. nnnn with happy face..of course she love it.. while she bz eating the foodies at burger king.. hubby told me.. "she is now 1 yr old, may be we shouldnt stressed her on baby food too much.. let her eat something looks like our menus but should be on limit.. n hopefully the appetite can be back to normal..insyaAllah"

i'm a king... nope.. i'm supposed 2 b a queen but.. urmm they have burger queen???.. urmm erkkk

the burger queen with papa n mama..

p/s to aunty pijah : i bet u love all this pics.. n luv the dress 2 since it was choosen by u.. eheheh..


lemongrass said...

Bila dah jadi Mums ni memang macam2 dugaan kan. Masa my kids baya2 Amani dulu, dua2 perangai lain2 when it comes to eating. Miss 10 lagi suka minum susu dr makan, Miss 5 pulak lagi suka makan dr minum susu, hehe. Miss 10 memang tak berapa suka nak makan compared to Miss 5 tapi what I noticed was that, bolth of them suka makan sendiri instead of being fed. So, by 1 year I dah bagi 'adult' food macam fries, pasta, cheese on bread, cheese sticks. Tapi I tak letak garam lah. And I letak all the food in a bowl and letak my kids in their high chair and let them eat themselves. Memang messy habis lah lepas tu but they loved it sebab I guess diaorang perasan yang they are big girls :-).
Maybe Amani pun I think is growing up so dah tak larat kot dgn baby food and like the Doctor said, nak makan 'adult' food. Just introduce 1 food at a time so tak lah terkejut perut dia nanti. And let her 'play' with her food so hopefully she'll enjoy the eating experience more.

m y a l i s h a said...

lemongrass: thanks sis for sharing ur xperience.. such a valuable xperience.. i really appriciate it.. thanks again..

aku yang menaip said...

good to hear she want to eat again. kite pon rasa kan kak ecah, dia nak tukar selera.kite dah bsr sket la mummy, nak mkn mcm bak kat lemongrass tu la, one at a rs dia rs pedas, masam, mesti dia teruja.

like my sara, dia pon lebih suka mkn sdr smbl membuat kecah.hiihihihi....mana aci kan kakak dia jek mkn dlm mangkuk.

good luck dear!

Shopaholic Mama said...

its not easy when kids are still at the growing up age, not only just toddler like yr daughter, teenager dah besar panjang pun susah nak jaga! pening mak ooiii!

e i c a h said...

whoa...finally..amani dah boleh makan BK..yippie!! not paed..haha..its just that i experience all those moments lebih i dont mind sharing..

ptg or mlm karang check out my going to share one more "scary" moments for a 1st time mother like us..and im going to share some tips that u boleh prevent it from happening to ur girl..hehe..tungguuuu...

m y a l i s h a said...

sally : yup dia tukar selera.. noe i realise.. tht she is big gal.. bukannya newborn baby.. ehehe.. i'm too concern bour her foodies sampaikan she cant take all the foodies xcept baby food.. but now, have to give her one at a time la kan.. but stil under limit lah..

shopaholic mama: as a mommy memang this thing make us worried kan?? x kira la baby ke, teenangers ke.. as long as they are our kiddies mmg worried kalu part makan nih..

eicah : hehehe.. yup amani now can take fast food.. wat a happy face when the onion ring falls into her mout.. i guess may b she feel.. "wah indahnya dunia makanan ku hari ni.. x seperti yg biasa" hahaha.. i realise i shouldnt put too much stress on her regarding food.. so now.. my baby eat something different from baby food but stil under limit..

ok will check ur blog.. thanks eicah..