Wednesday, August 12, 2009

amani's eating pattern

salams all,

for a few entries b4 i've mentioned about amani's appetite.. yup as a mother.. i was so worried suddenly she rejected any kind of food tht giving to her on meal time..

thanks to the commenters n bloggers such as :

  1. eicah (for gud suggestions, emailing me the recipee, n sharing the xperience of motherhood)
  2. lemongrass (for gud suggestions, emailing me the recipee, n sharing the xperience of motherhood)
  3. sally (for the suggestions n sharing the xperience of motherhood)
  4. blushwax (for the suggestions)
  5. sabrena (for sharing the xperience of motherhood)
  6. uzie (for sharing the xperience of motherhood)
  7. shopaholic mama (for sharing the xperience of motherhood)
  8. cabbiena (for sharing the recipee)
  9. matni (for suggestions)
  10. eitazack (for gud comment)

it was very grateful for having frens like all of u that willing to share ur xperience of motherhood, sharing ur recipee n giving me a suggestions regarding my munchkin appetite.. T H A N K S S O M U C H and as an appreciation, i'm giving to u all this thanks award.

after go through the situations, alhamdullillah i've learn something new, in my journey for being a mother.. n it is not ended yet.. stil going on.. but the lesson is gud for new parents like hubby n me..

now i know amani's eating pattern.. she likes to eat, but not baby foodies.. i noticed that she will eating in a small amount but in frequent (thanks lemongrass for that notification).. urmm..

last weekend when we 3gether.. we noticed that she wanna eat like us (hb n me).. we use fork n spoon... so she also wanna that thing.. we did give her the spoon but it ended with a mess... x apa la as long as she learn something n she eating.. happy viewing the pic..

the ended part.. huhuhu..


e i c a h said...


the mess tu yg tak tahan..and everytime kitorg g makan kat restoren..sure husband akan say sorry to the waiter..

on the other hand..baru la berbaloi byr service tax..haha..

m y a l i s h a said...

eicah : yup true.. my hubby oso like ur hubby say sorry 2 the waiter.. but normally the waiter will say it's ok dengan senyuman.. well dlm ati i x tau la kan.. but like u say.. baru la berbaloi bayar service tax.. wakakakakaka..

aku yang menaip said...

kekeke..sbnrnye dia x mkn kan kak ecah..dia sepah2 je kan???? hehehehe...seronok benor le tu dpt kecah2

Blushwax said... least she makes an effort lah.

Was surfing and came across this site. Maybe ada useful info for you.

m y a l i s h a said...

sally : haah buakan nya makan sgt pon seronok main main dgn meals dia.. 10% je yg masuk mulut.. yg lain jatuh ke lantai..

blushwax: thanks for the website.. har har har.. she make an effort to make a mess... n give another work for her mama.. =)