Wednesday, July 01, 2009

pijah's birthday

salams all,

huhuhu.. third entry for this 1st july.. keh keh keh.. since amani is on her way to her dreamland so her mama bz key in all the story this n that happened in the month of june...

wel wel wel.. on 29 june (falls on monday) was my youngest sister (ps 2 my sis: ya.. u r the youngest ok ok..fetty n me admit it) birthday.. since she was in spore with my bro (didi) so we did a small suprise for her.. actually my hubby's idea 2 suprising her..

tepat 12am 29 june.. hubby, my munchkin n me.. membawa cake ke bilik bday girl.. which is we had told didi ealier bout the plan..heehehe.. as the door we open.. the bday girl is under the blanket on the way to her dreamland.. but we all sing the bday song for her with a slice of oreo cheese cake (which is her fave).. amani pulak mcm terpinga2.. wat is actually happen?? hehehe since she was a bit drowsy.. after that we (hb, amani n me) masuk bilik n zzzzzzzzz

the next day.. we went to swensens restaurant for continue bday celebre.. since she request 2 eat western so i treat them at swensens... n the foodies there was superb.. sampai x semapat nak snap semua gamba makanan since we all dah lapar.. as for compliments for the bday girl the restaurant give my sis an bday icecream for foc.. so guys.. theese are the pic..

the cake..

muka org kena kejut dari tidur..

munchkin yg baik.. sepanjang kitaorang melantak kat swensens tu.. munchkin tido dengan lenyaknya dlm stroller sampai abis makanan baru dia wake up

brother n sister

bday girl with the bday icecream

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