Friday, July 31, 2009

low appetite n picky eater

salams all,
(T_T).. sedey.. itu mood yg ada pada aku skang ni.. n disebabkan mood itew lah maka blog ini terdiam selama seminggu.. i was very bz uols..

dunno wat really happen 2 munchkin.. b4 that was normal.. but after last friday sumthing wrong somewhere may b (guess so..)

i realise it started on sunday, while i try 2 giving her own food she rejected few times.. till she throw out from her tongue.. her appetite was very low tht day.. then i try make some omelette for her.. alhamdullillah she manage to finish almost all of the omelette.. on monday.. as usual i cook for her vege porridge with steam fish... she ate only 5 spoons for the lunch.. yea, i've count how much the porridge go thru her mouth.. ooo baby y??? then same goes 2 dinner.. ohhh noooo... i have to replace sumthing that she love 2 eat.. so i switch to bread.. n alhamdullillah i bought croissant late afternoon n she love it.. sedikit berita yg meyenangkan hati.. but the following day she look like hate the rice, bread, n macaroni.. fish, chicken, n meat.. ohhh no again?? x tahu nak buat apa??

call hubby then hubby suruh monitor her body tempreture.. alhamdullillah ok.. from morning to evening body temp below 36.6.. huhhhhhh... i'm so worried.. surf the net try new baby recipee but FAILED, she rejected all the food made for her.. i can feel her she is a bit slimmer than b4.. by carrying her.. her weight speaks to me.. ohh nooo x kan nak biarkan je..

some ppl memberi pandangan berdasarkan mitos.. antaranya.. agaknya dia selalu jatuh jadi semangat dia pon hilang nak makan... may be dia nak tinggi tu yang x mo makan.. may be she is jelous n merajuk sebab dia tahu dia akan dapat adik org tua2 kata the elder dapat rasa..(hah.. adoyay.. tolong ler jgn membuat speku sebegini..)

aku n hubby x sedap hati so.. we went to baby bear clinic (our fave clicnic coz the doc dr teo.. specialise in pediatrics).. mcm2 lah doc tu check.. motor sense, eyes, nose, throat, stomach.. senang cerita all over the body.. then ask me n hubby this n that.. then he said may b she try to b a very picky eater.. so far she is normal xcept her height.. for the baby like her she looks like shorter a bit.. but dun worry to much cause she is still in the process of growing.. her weight is 8.2kgs.. the doc said normal though i'm worried bout her weight..

then the doc give me the himalaya bonnisan.. for boost her appetite.. shallow stomach, drops for lactobacillus, some freebies sample from nestle n pediasure..

then i bought vegie macaroni, peas, sweet corn, smoked salmon, some herbs, olive spread, bread, n hashbrown which is the cost nearly $50.. adoyay.. x per la sayang asalkan amani makan mama rasa bahagia sekali...since she refused 2 eat rice so nak kasik dia makan western plak.. n ..
with a happy face (for me)... she ate bread + mashed potatoes + steam brocolli + blueberry yogurt .. she ate quater for her lunch alhamdullillah.. hopefully same goes for her dinner.. as a menu for dinner.. hashbrown + salmon + peas + mango yogurt..

so guys, out there.. any suggestions??.. atau resipi for picky eater mcm amani ni.. hope bole share2..thanks..


e i c a h said...

dah lama my doter tanak makan bersuap..nak makan kene cari mknn yg dia boleh pick on her own..

like me..kalau bekal ke rumah bbsitter..sure bg bubur nasik..sbb according to bbsitter..dia suka sgt bubur nasik..

tp..bila kat rumah..sure reject anything yg org suap..even nasik..if u let her eat on her own..dia makan plak..

and i girl sgt suka pasta..syarat nyer..kene ada rasa pepper (pedas sket kot)..mesti byk makan..

one thing bila bg baby makan on her own kan..sepah tok sah citer..pastu kene tunggu sgt-sgt lama..sbb dia akan makan bit by bit..sampai la dia dah boring..

pastu lagi satu tips..mayb works for ur doter girl suka makan sama-sama ramai-ramai..and suka makan table food..try la..

pasal recipe..i have this one recipe..sedap rasa doter pun suka..honey lemon chicken..i was about to give u the recipe..then a thought come to my are the type yang very particular about your child food..tak boleh simply bg recipe tu tak sesuai sbb campur mcm2 sos..hehe..nwei...let me know if u want to try k?

but fren..dont worry so much..she's active kan? she'll be ok..some more dia minum fully susu ibu kan..lagi la sgt ok!!

c a b b i e n a said...

mmg susah kan kalau anak picky eater ni...
dulu i pernah kasi bubur carrot + perah oren ... she loved it
masam + manis

m y a l i s h a said...

eicah : thanks for sharing ur xperience wit ur baby thru my blog.. really appriciate it.. i'll try.. may b wat u say is true.. nak makan sendiri.. n yesterday i try 2 give her eat her meal on her own.. mmg ler.. a lot of mess.. all over the place.. gud tips from u.. give her food tht she can pick on her own.. urm i'll try..

ok i'll say i want tht recipee.. honey lemon chic.. honey gud for baby kan?? so y not i try.. mana la tau she'll love it.. so pls n pls give me the recipe ok.. either u email 2 me or u masukkan kat blog u pon ok.. as a new entry.. i'll give the feedback when she eat that recipe.. ok.. thanks a lot fren..

thnks cabiena.. bubur carrot + orange ye.. may b a gud try for me.. oo ya i browse ur blog juz now.. wat a cute hair clip...

m y a l i s h a said...

eicah : my email :

matni said...

hohoho.. ni lebeh kurang same mcm anak aku nih.. mebbe laa kan, just mebbe, tumbuh gigi baru kot.. cube ko cek mane tau ade tunggul gigi baru nak kuar.. haha ntahlah aku blasah je..