Saturday, June 06, 2009

Amani visit kakak neha

salams 2 all readers..

actually this was backdated entry.. since i'm bz all day.. so tak sempat nak masukkan new entry.. well last tuesday amani visits kaka farisya neha.. kesian neha.. her hand is casted by the doc cause of fracture..

actually b4 i have amani, hubby n me kalau datang rumah my cuzzie ni mesti tak lepaskan peluang to carry neha.. amik berkat she is 2 and half yrs old.. dah besar.. i luve her hair.. her daddy bought special shampoo from loreal for kiddie for her ok.. sebab tu rambut dia wavy n bouncing as she walking..

kesian this girl..last week on thurday the accident happen 2 this cute girl... dia terjatuh.. mmg kesian kan kalau budak-budak kecik kena masuk hosp..

i was arghhh sakitnya... after her granny told me neha's condition tht day.. iye la.. at first tu.. her parents bawak neha went to one of the gov hosp n the doc said.. they will do surgery for her.. on the same day jugak.. omg, budak sekecil itu.. nasib baik her parents mintak second opinion kat private hosp. where the xperience doc said they juz cast her hand first.. n she have 2 wait till 8 june where the doc wanna x ray again.. by right pon... tulang kanak2 kan akan grow.. u cant simply say have to do surgery.. cari la solution dulu...

so as we went to their home that day.. she is still an active girl like before.. alhamdullillah hopefully neha cepat sembuh.. n my munchkin is having fun play 2gether with kakak neha..

The moral of the story:
  1. accidents for baby n kids can b happen anywhere everywhere
  2. as a parents dont take thing for granted.. make sure ur kiddie or baby in safe condition
  3. always keep an eye 2 ur kiddie or baby (where sometime i was "terlepas pandang")
  4. dont simply agree for wat the doc say (esp related with surgery) pls n pls take the second opinion (even you have 2 pay xtra for it..)


aku yang menaip said...

siann dia...jatuh dr mn tu kak ishah?

m y a l i s h a said...

jatuh from vending barney (boleh ker... ala patung yg letak duit pastu bole gerak2 tuh...).. b4 tht barney abis begerak she jump.. sbb tu jd camtuh..