Saturday, May 02, 2009

Papa's secretary..

salams all..

huhuhu.. yesterday was a may day.. n everybody knows on tht particular day should b a public holiday.. but tht wasnt happened 2 hubby.. cause he have 2 train his new secretary on tht day.. so we went 2 his office juz 2 keep an eye, 2 see how the new secretary doing her job.. look like she prety bz n love the work so much. but may b hubby give her 2 much work load tht make her crying at sumtimes.. hahahaha..

well guys.. we spent our may day at hb office... the true thing is.. hubby wanna do his work while amani n me help him for certain things (amani help with a mess).. but we have fun since we spent our time 3gether without others.. enjoy the pic..

her table n comp
she is listen for an instructions from her boss

watever.. but she did wat she is told to do..

using the mouse

intercomm her boss

"y this phone doesnt have button on it handle.. urmm mama phone is better... may b i should suggest 2 my boss use a handphone like mama's one.. not this conventional ugly much button 2 press.. urghhhh"

"gosh i'm tired.."

"yea i noe, i noe.. ths tote is 2 big for me.. but hey.. it is time 2 go back..yeee haaa"

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