Friday, April 17, 2009

HELP--anniversary gift hunting

my 3rd anniversary is arround the corner... well guys.. i'm blank wat should i give to him as an anniversary gift??

our first anniversary i've given him a mont blanc perfume (sally u wont forget the perfume rite).. then the second anniversary i've given her a renoma sling bag .. now it is going to the 3rd year.. i'm blank.. i would like 2 give him a mont blanc pen..but then it is out from my budget rite now.. wait until december.. since it was his birthday.. sorry dear...

so, rite now the only thing comes to my mind n arround my budget...
  1. shirt (biasa biasa aja but.. ok jugak)

  2. boxer (naughty gift ahaks.. i loikeeee)

  3. personalised cushion (i loikkkeeee oso)

  4. BOSS perfume (biasa biasa aje.. still ok kalau dah x der idea)

  5. personalised bath towel (simple, n romantic gift i guess.. since it is personalise item..)

  6. thermos easy drink sporty (biasa biasa nyer gift but.. rite now.. he need this type of water container)

for anniversary gift.. usually i wont hunt for xpesive thing.. juz the thing that i think he might b needed rite now.. n it will be memorable for him while he use it.. auwww..

so guys.. i need ur help.. if u have other things that can b share with me for an anniversary gift 2 hubby.. please dun hesitate 2 key in ur suggestion ya.. thanks


aku yang menaip said... thermos tu cam best.altho nmpk biasa2 je..yg penting kebergunaannye tu.ceewah..ayat haku

m y a l i s h a said...

weh sally ko this year bagi apa ekk.. heheheh since our aniberseri lebey kurang je..

i luv oso the thermos.. tp yg tu consider costly gak taw.. but mmg bgs la kan..