Thursday, April 16, 2009

Amani Demam

nak bersiap gi baby bear clinic.. actually she feel uneasy with the "cool fever" sticky on her forehead

salams to all reader..

baru semalam aku post entry abt my dotter on teething process.. few hrs after tht i saw her not active like usual.. then i hold her.. astaeghfirullah panas nya badan amani.. tht was my 1st xpression.. then quickly i took the thermometer n take her temperature.. omg.. 37.9.. i msg hb.. then hb reply "take her temp every 15 mins.." so b4 the 15 mins comes.. i've already take her temp.. n again her body temp goin higher to the 38.4.. tht time i staight away call hb.. while hb is on his way home.. hb ask me 2 dress her up 2 see her paedetrician at Baby Bear Clinic..

sampai clinic.. the nurse take her temp.. still 38.4.. then see the paed. after blah blah blah.. amani was given 2 type of fever syrup.. orange n pink.. 1 type of cough n running nose syrup n another is anti virus syrup..

i was so worried since we all juz came back from india.. i have take precaution during our visit 2 india.. i've asked the doc regarding tht matter.. n regarding her teething process.. he said.. not to worry cause this is normal fever.. n he advice 2 monitor her fever regularly especially her body temp.. for normal fever should b ok after 48hrs of medication.. if it turn abnormal.. she have 2 went for further checkup..

merengek je masa nak gi clinic

at home after having all medicine.. she fall asleep...ciannya anak mama.. demam pulak dia.. this is the 1st time she had fever... tht y hb n me so worried.. 1st xperience.. at night.. aku x tido sgt.. asyik tersedar n terus rasa badan amani.. alhamdullillah pagi ni dia ok sikit.. n her temperature drop to 36.4

sempat tgk camera masa mama snap ths pic.. look at her eyes.. baru lepas nanes

pic pagi tadi.. after take her medicine.. she fall asleep.. medicine tu drowsy gaknya

hopefully within 48hrs.. she'll recovered.. insyaAllah..

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