Saturday, April 18, 2009

Alhamdullillah amani has recovered..

all these pic was taken when she still have fever... see.. wat she have done to the "kool fever" sticker.. she hate it so much!!! the other pic was taken after she fully reccovered from her fever.. alhamdullillah ya Allah..

The sticky thingy still maintain on her forehead

ooohhh uuuuhhh i cant stand to this thing.. mama.. i'm pulling out this sticky thing..

oooppsss little bit more.. lil bit more.. i'll pull harder so that it will drop out from my forehead..

yeahhh..listen mr sticky.. i hate u when u were on my forehead..

hi mama.. this morning amani feel better.. alhamdullillah ya Allah..

cheeky smile from me..

ur smile is everything to papa n mama.. luv u so much baby..


aku yang menaip said...

aik..x terkuar rupenye post kite hr to know she's getting better.Mebi dia demam sbb nak tmbh gigi la tu.sekali sekala nak test gak imune sys dia.hehehe...btw, bdk2 mmg x blh blah dgn koyok ats kepala tu.time tido je aku dpt tampal kat kepala ank2 aku.time biasa2 xde maknanye.ok, cant wait to c her first teeth!

m y a l i s h a said...

haah sally aku pon terpaksa buat cenggitu.. time tido je aku tampal benda sticky ittew...

aniza said...

ala cianyer my hunny bunny nie...demam nk membesar yek! hehehehe kiut giler amani tersenyum bangga berjaya tanggalkan kool fever dia...

sesapa pun tak suka letak mende kat dahi....CETI Sami jer suka! hahahaha!