Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Aku bersyukur..

salams all

dah 2 ari aku x menjeguk blog.. bz dengan 2 kesayangan ku... 1st my chenta hati mr hubby n 2nd my lil munckin.. last sunday was a superb weekend for me since we (hb, munchkin n me) were 3gether without others.. huhuhu.. seronoknya bila dpt bertiga sahaja.. that's all i need.. PRIVACY.. huhuhuhu..

urmm.. arini nak meluahkan perasaan.. since this is the only place i can reveal anything..

huhuhuhu.. truly, rite now i can feel i'm a bit depress for wat had happen.. some annoying ppl making fuss (which is purposely i think) juz 2 irritate us.. huh.. i was wonder y they do this 2 us?? we juz have our superb sunday then the next day.. this annoying ppl bz asking us bout this n tht..though like they are very perfect in this world.. hb n me did a small dicussion bout ths thing n i juz smile n holding his hand.. i'm strong 2 b with him to go through ths kinda situation.. ths, is not the 1st time we have kinda handling bz bee's like this.. i'm proud 2 b his wifey tht always in his arm when he need me 2 xpress everything..

after having dinner hb slowly xpress 2 me his feeling regarding the matter "let them say wat they wanna say.. i noe they will throw all the bad thing 2 me.. they always say, i'm the blacksheep, i'm evil.. let them say.. i try 2 do the best according for wat i've being told to do.. i noe, sooner or later, they will get the true.. i juz leave all tht, 2 Allah n i noe Allah will always there for me.. this is the test from Him 2 me as His slave.. i'm happy eventhough He test me wit this thing, at least on the other hand i noe the true color of some ppl.. alhamdullillah"

for me after almost 3yrs being his wife.. i'm proud 2 say i love him so much.. love his way in handling something tht really tough.. he noe tht i'm depress wit all this thing.. he try to pull me out frm tht stressing situation by making jokes n having quality time 2gether.. he noe tht the annoying ppl always wanna noe each single thing bout us.. he realise tht i always want a privacy juz the 3 of us which is i never get it till now.. all bcoz the stupid bz bee's always keep an eye to us..


when i look back, on the other side..there is a gud thing regardless the bad thing happened.. the gud thing is.. i feel very grateful to Allah swt for giving hb n me this test, which makes our relationship more strength than b4.. which makes our love sparks each n everyday.. which makes me realise tht hb is doing his best for amani n me.. which makes me noe the true color of certain ppl.. which makes me strong.. alhamdullillah ya Allah.. aku bersyukur..


Bb Hussain said...

waaaaaa..dah ada signature..hehhehe..

apa2pun..begitulah kita di atas dunia ini..sentiasa di uji oleh Allah dan setiap berlaku pasti ada hikmahNya..bersabarlah dan perbanyakkanlah doa dan ibadah terhadap Allah agar diperkuatkan dan ditabahkan hati menghadapi semuanya..

e i c a h said...

apsal sedih2 ni..? sapa yg bz body tu? hehe..looks like i pun bz body jgk..haha..

m y a l i s h a said...

yup betul tu bibi.. so far alhamdullillah.. makin banyak ujian makin banyak aku panjatkn doa kepadaNya.. dan aku makin rasa bersyukur..mudah2an Allah SWT permudahkan segalanya utk kami serta berkati segala rezeki yg dilimpahkan kepada kami.. aminnn..

m y a l i s h a said...

bila ada ujian camni teringat kata2 ko dulu.. apapun cabaran think +ve.. insyaAllah kita akan ceria selalu.. heheh.. thanks bib..

m y a l i s h a said...

eicah : manusia yg iri hati dgn kesenangan org lain..

Bb Hussain said...

ecah..that's what friends for..hehehhehe..