Wednesday, March 04, 2009

papa bought new ferari for amani

hmm.. actually i'm prefer amani walk by her own.. or else using push walker..but then it is quite tough n difficult 2 handle my little munckin alone especially when i was cooking or doing house work.. she keep pushing my pants like begging me to carry her.. some times she did that juz because she want an attention from me.. memang pandai la dia.. x nak main sesorang..

so after hubby have saw me carry her in left hand while the right hand i'm doing my house work like cooking n washing.. hmm pity on me.. n pity on him too cause at night i'll ask him 2 massage my hand.. then hubby proposed 2 me 2 buy a walker for her..

hmm at first, i'm disagree cause i've read so much research is being done regarding this thing.. it can hurt baby bla bla bla.. i'm not satisfied enough, then i ask my fren.. most of my fren says that they also alert bout the research.. but they didnt put their baby all the time into walker.. juz when they were cooking.. aha.. samala tu.. since amani can stand by her own.. she juz need 2 balance her body well 2 walk, so i think it is worth it to put her inside walker.. think n think again.. so on last saturday we bought this ferari for her..

at first she reject it.. but slowly she love it..
i'm driving "honk" "honk".. mama move aside..

this ferari isn't like schumi's ferari.. mine have song..lalalalala

"honk" "honk".. got gear some more..i'm driving auto car not manual

turn left.. turn right.. go straight...

mama i'm curious n wondering.. y the wheel isn't at lower part like papa's car??

thanks mama n papa.. amani love this car..

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aku yang menaip said... kiut.i've read 'bout the research too.memula mmg agak rasa x best nak bila fikir2 balik, dgr pendapat org lain..dulu2 masa kita kecik pon guna gak benda far alhamdulillah..ok jek kan jalannye.our motor sys pon xde mslh pon kan. mmg diakui la, kete mcm tu agak bahaya kalau kita x monitor btl2.esp kalau dekat dgn tangga.

lagipon baby kejap jek nak dok dlm tu.diorg pon bknnye suka sgt dok dlm aku tgk pengalaman 2 org anak aku sblm ni la.